Tongue Cleaner

Revive your taste buds and keep your mouth nice and fresh. A tongue cleaner/scraper is a wonderful addition to your oral hygiene routine. Look after your tongue cleaner and it will last for years to come.


Simply stick out your tongue and lightly scrape from back to front before you brush your teeth.

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Weight25 g
Dimensions152 × 102 × 2 mm

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Ingredients / Material

Ingredients / Material

Cleaner  100% Stainless Steel

Packaging  Paper


End of Life

End of Life

Cleaner  100% Recyclable

Packaging  Recyclable


Please dispose of this product responsibly.

A tongue scraper is an oral hygiene device used to remove bacterial build-up, food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. Modern research confirms that tongue cleaning is the best way to remove bacteria that cause bad breath.  Tongue cleaning is also recommended by both ancient Ayurveda. When paired with a complete oral health routine, tongue cleaning can prevent periodontal disease by removing harmful bacteria and micro-organisms from your mouth. It also helps improve taste, removes the coating on the tongue and slows the growth of plaque. Their pre-curved shape gives precise control while gently and effectively removing bacteria.