Incense Cones

Burning incense cones is a wonderful way to revive your spirit and cleanse your home. As an added bonus, it smells wonderful! Choose from our three indigenous scents Sage, Cedarwood and Imphepho. Each pack contains 10 incense cones.


Handmade with love in the heart of the Cape Fold Mountains, South Africa, using indigenous ceremonial and medicinal herbs.


Burning time is an average of 20-30 minutes. Please note, the cone must smoulder, not flame. 

R 115.00

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The aromas range from deep, intense Masala style (Divine Nature, Deep Forest) to Woody and Delicate (Cedarwood and Earth Fire). As the ethos of the range eschews the use of synthetic and harmful ingredients, it has been recognized for its purity and wonderful variety of fragrances to suit various tastes and needs. Therefore, the range is considerably higher priced than the average incense that is harmful to the end user due to its over-use of synthetic compounds. The scent cones promote Incenses and Natural Perfumes from reputable sources; known for their use of Aromatherapy Oils, Flower Petals and various Tree Resins.


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Sage, Cedarwood, Imphepho


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Ingredients / Material

Ingredients / Material

Sage Incense Cones   Organic Salvia and Acacia

Cedarwood Incense Cones   Organic Cedar and Acacia

Imphepho Incense Cones   Organic Helichrysum and Acacia


Packaging   Paper


End of Life

End of Life

Incense Cones   Compostable

Packaging   Recycle


Please dispose of this product responsibly.